Before, during and after their visit

Who We ARE

Tappedln provides an omnichannel marketing & analytics platform and network that delivers the right solution at the right time to engage today's consumers.

We deliver timely messages that get views, engagement and elicit action.

Who We Serve

TappedIn was created by the industry for the industry. We understand your goals, challenges and restrictions, so we created solutions designed specifically for you, to make you successful.

Our platform is built to deliver high-value consumer engagements and turn them into brand loyalists, all while providing actionable data and analytics dashboards.

Become part of the TappedIn network and leverage our relationships and data-driven insights!

Who Are You?

As a third party marketing firm, we work with all three tiers of the adult beverage industry to leverage relationships and access to consumers. 

Find out all the ways we can make you successful!

Bar,  Restaurant, or  Retailer

Supplier,  Brand,  or  Distributor

Brand Side Coming Soon. 

In the meantime please familiarize yourself with our products and what solutions we may be able to provide to you. 

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