You run your business, we'll make sure the world  knows about it

Operating a bar or restaurant is an all-consuming job, and marketing is usually the first thing to get bumped on a busy day. TappedIn will take ALL or any of your marketing initiatives off your hands and get them done right.  You'll have one point of contact to communicate all of your marketing needs.  It's like having a fractional Chief Marketing Officer at a price you can afford!


Turn your WiFi expense into your best marketing channel. WiFi On Tap is a unique WiFi and analytics solution that provides a branded guest wifi network, captures contact information, sends automated messages based on customized triggers, displays targeted ads and customer engagement opportunities. It also collects "presence data" to provide people traffic insights into your surroundings.

Website Design, BUILD & MANAGEMENt

Your website is the face of your business. In order to entice guests, it must be professional and be up to date. We will design, build and manage your website for you. Leave the heavy lifting and HTML to us, just send us any changes you need. and we'll take care of it.

Yes, it can be that easy.

Social Media management

You know the importance of social media and you likely know how time consuming it can be to post consistent, creative content. We will create a custom posting strategy for you to make sure your audience stays connected and knows about everything exciting happening there. We can also reach out to influencers, follow key accounts, engage with your target audience, as well as send and reply to direct messages.


Customized email and text blasts sent to your guests to keep them informed and coming back. Based on the agreed upon strategy, we craft the message, add the visuals, manage the database and send timely messages to your audience. Ask about our Secret Shopper and Ratings Booster options.


The world is going digital and you should too! If a picture says a thousand words, then digital signage can say a million, and they all should be focused on engaging, informing and enticing your guests to take a desired action. TappedIn will design and manage your digital signage program whether it is a digital menu board, scrolling banner ads across the bottom of your TVs, or purely promotional screens showing your guests specials and events. We will work with you on an optimal strategy for your goals, create visuals, schedule content for various times of the day or days of the week, and make any changes you request. Present yourself like the big boys for a fraction of the price!

Menu   design  and  management

Your food is the core of your restaurant, and your menu is its ambassador. Having great food and a lousy or outdated menu can deter people from giving you a chance or ruin the experience with your restaurant. TappedIn provides several a la carte menu-related services all designed around making sure that your menu shines, is up to date, and consistent everywhere it can be found- both online and off.

marketing  &  design  services

We have created a full suite of marketing and design services to make sure you only need to talk to one person for all of your marketing needs.  TappedIn can do logos, business cards, flyers, email and domain management, photography, printing and more. 

online  reputation  management

As much as we cringe at Yelpers, we have to admit that the power of peer-reviews has incredible impact. Thus managing your online reputation is extremely important, but it often slips through the cracks of a busy week, and worse yet, it is difficult not to sound defensive or combative.  We will make sure every positive review receives a “thank you” and every negative one gets addressed appropriately and in a calm and sincere way.  Bad reviews are inevitable in our business, but other readers need to know that you are committed to making things right, giving them the faith to give you a try despite any negative experiences others may have had.